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Order Stand-up Pouches

Order Stand up Pouches

Stand-up Pouch

These packages are easy to carry around, they have the possibility of repeated use, perfect for food storage and they stand upright on the shelves.

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Order Lay-flat Pouches

Order Lay flat Pouches

Lay-flat Pouch

They are lightweight and compact, easy to stack or suspend on a wall through hang holes.

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How It Works

Order PouchesOrder Pouches

Order Your Pouches

Order your stand-up or lay-flat pouches at unbeatable prices.

Choose a design optionChoose a design option

Choose a design option

Submit your design, or hire our world-class designers for just $100.

Wait For Your DeliveryWait For Your Delivery

Wait For Your Delivery

We process and start producing your order immediately it is placed.

Low Quantities

Enjoy low minimum orders and short runs

Ease of Use

Complete your transaction in 5 simple steps

Customer Service

There’s always a Wolfie willing to help until you’re satisfied.

Wolfparc Partner Storefront

Personalized Storefront
For Your Product

With a very easy-to-use backend dashboard, our personalized storefront allows you to reach more customers. Our unique technology makes it possible to offer personalization services to your customers. They also have the option of filling their pouches with any of your products.

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When we found Wolfparc, we found the perfect partner. Their customer service is a pleasure to work with. Customers have complimented us to no end on the aesthetics of our bags and we really feel that Wolfparc has helped us achieve that next level of success in our business.

Gina Gonzalez, La Catrina
Gina Gonzalez
Owner, La Catrina Coffee

We sat with their branding and marketing team and in no time, we had the perfect bags. They literally created a brand through the design. Our customers love the colors and they love the ease of carrying our bags. We are so grateful to have come across Wolfparc and to actually partner with them.

Michael Commey, Mina’s Jollof
Michael Commey
Co-Owner, Mina’s Jollof

What Are You Putting In Your Pouch?

One thing that makes for great flexible packaging is an ability to combine the right product with the right features. Whether you’re introducing a new product to the market or reprinting your current one, we are here to serve!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of choosing Wolfparc?

Some of the benefits of joining the Wolfparc community include;

  • More affordable packaging
  • Low minimum orders
  • Short turnaround time
  • Quality graphic designs for products
  • Unique product offerings

What packaging products can I order from Wolfparc?

At Wolfparc, we produce two styles of flexible pouches. The space-efficient lay flat pouch for less material and easy storage. The stand-up pouch which holds a larger volume of items. Both packaging products are great for the environment, they can be customized to include your unique design. We also produce personalized pouches for your customers through your own storefront.

Affordable Pouches For
Small Businesses

We believe that small businesses should be able to order for packaging materials without breaking the bank. This is why we have created a group-buying system called a pool. This allows businesses to order custom pouches together, in smaller quantities, and get them delivered at the earliest possible time.

Created with care for the environment and sustainable living, we offer exquisite print quality, and unique designs that allow your products stand out on the shelves and everywhere else.

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