Stand out with Premium Flexible Packaging.

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Stand out with Premium Flexible Packaging with Wolfparc
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Order Stand-up Pouches

Order Stand up Pouches

Stand-up Pouch

These packages are easy to carry around, they have the possibility of repeated use, perfect for food storage and they stand upright on the shelves.

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Order Lay-flat Pouches

Order Lay flat Pouches

Lay-flat Pouch

They are lightweight and compact, easy to stack or suspend on a wall through hang holes.

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Order Party Pouches

Order Party Pouches

Party Pouch

The party munch pouch is convenient and perfect for sharing birthday treats. Have an unforgettable party.

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We Are Affordable & Premium. You can order with small businesses like yours for low prices!

How It Works

Join Pool or Order AloneJoin Pool or Order Alone

Join Pool or Order Alone

Order with other small businesses for lower prices, or order alone if you prefer.

Choose a design optionChoose a design option

Choose a design option

Submit your design, or hire our world-class designers for just $100.

Wait For Your DeliveryWait For Your Delivery

Wait For Your Delivery

Orders are processed once your pool closes or immediately if you order alone.

Wolfparc makes flexible packaging affordable for small businesses, simply by grouping small custom orders together.

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Stand out everywhere

We offer you affordable and premium flexible packages to set your brand apart. We offer more than a pouch to store products. It’s packaging that honors the hours you have spent building a business you are proud of. Created with care for the environment and sustainable living, we offer exquisite print quality, and unique designs that allow your products stand out on the shelves and everywhere else.

Wolfparc is Powered by Community

Powered by

Our Markets

One thing that makes for great flexible packaging is an ability to combine the right product with the right features. Whether you’re introducing a new product to the market or reprinting your current one, we are here to serve!

Bakery products are packed by Wolfparc

Bakery products

Cheese and dairy are packed by Wolfparc

Cheese & Dairy

Confectionery are packed by Wolfparc


Frozen foods are packed by Wolfparc

Frozen Foods

Lawn and garden products are packed by Wolfparc

Lawn & Garden

Jerky are packed by Wolfparc


Organics are packed by Wolfparc


Health and beauty products are packed by Wolfparc

Health & Beauty

Pet food are packed by Wolfparc

Pet Food

Coffee is packed by Wolfparc


Snacks are packed by Wolfparc


Supplements are packed by Wolfparc


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Wolfparc?

Wolfparc is a platform for businesses to order premium flexible packaging. We offer the lowest MOQs by aggregating orders into a pool and delivering your finished pouches in 15-20 business days. Wolfparc is powered by communities of small businesses, with Wolfparc you can start your business and compete with established brands.

What is a Pool and how do I join one?

We group small orders together so flexible packaging is more affordable for businesses. This is simply what the pool is, a collection of orders to be produced and processed together. When you ‘join the pool’, you’re choosing the more affordable route to order pouches. You can also invite others to join the pool to make it close faster.

Wolfparc is powered by community

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